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Steam surface condensers and associated auxiliary systems, feedwater heaters and heat exchangers are complex power plant components that have to be carefully designed, fabricated and integrated into the power cycle. These components have to “talk” to other interconnected equipment and function as a single entity. Deviations in operating conditions, operating sequence, control philosophy or degradation in equipment due to age, can have severe impact on the output and the efficiency of the power plant.

In a steam surface condenser plugged tubes, erosion of tubes, degradation of air removal system, air in leakage, improper deaeration of condensate and improper operation of bypass system among others can have a major impact on the performance of the power plant. In a feedwater heater plugged or eroded tubes, improper level control, flashing or reheating of condensate in subcooling zone, wet wall conditions in desuperheating zone or flow induced vibration can affect the plant heat rate.

Maarky engineers are trained to evaluate and analyze the impact of various problems on equipment performance. Extensive product knowledge combined with decades of experience in power plant equipment design, fabrication and operation permits Maarky engineers to debug the problem and offer appropriate solutions to correct the problem.

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Maarky Thermal Systems provides state of the art heat transfer equipment and services to the worldwide power industry. We supply steam surface condensers, feedwater heaters, and heat exchangers. Maarky also provides site and consulting services. Our engineers bring decades of expertise from power plant installations worldwide.

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